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American Investment Management (AIM) is a fast growing financial services company providing individuals and businesses the opportunity to make their financial dreams a reality and help build generational wealth. Utilizing our 50 years of cumulative experience in financial services, wealth management, Estate & Tax Planning, and private equity, we provide high value financial consulting, tax-smart strategic guidance, investment banking, insurance and investment advisory services to clients throughout the United States.

AIM has only one mission: To elevate your net worth and give you the gift of financial freedom & security.

Core values shape our service.

We believe how our employees work together has a direct impact on how we work with you. At JFS, every decision we make is reflective of core values integral to our mutual success.

Honest Communication

Active listening and clarity in dialogue are keys to effective communication, and both are necessary to achieve mutual understanding and optimal solutions.


Behave ethically for the good of the firm, our clients and employees, even when no one is watching.


Devote best efforts toward achievement of goals once the best solution is surfaced, debated and decided.

A Positive Outlook

Believe in the power of positive attitudes and inspire positivity in others. Avoid being affected by negative attitudes or influences.


Take the time necessary to build trust and respect with one another by giving trust with the hope of receiving it back.


Be flexible and adaptable to change, knowing that innovation results in continuous improvement and achievement of the JFS mission.


Fearlessly give and accept the best thinking for the firm’s betterment and acknowledge unique and valuable perspectives.


Acknowledge the work and performance results that I’m responsible for, and be accountable for the things I say I will do for my clients, teammates and the firm.


Work diligently towards specific goals and accurately measure success and results in achieving individual and team objectives.

Speak with an experienced, independent wealth advisor.

Assess your personal financial planning needs or get a second opinion on your existing plan with a complimentary, no-pressure consultation.

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