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At AIM Financials, we want to open our hearts, extend our arms, and help as many people as possible.

AIM Foundation is the philanthropic arm of AIM Financials. Our core belief that education has the power to change the world and give people the opportunity to succeed in life regardless of their nationality, race, and socioeconomic status has inspired us to take up many initiatives in promoting educational opportunities to children around the world. We want to change the whole world by educating as many people as possible.


Daily Insight:

collaborated with nonprofit magazine that allocates revenue from monthly subscribers for the provision of necessary materials to underfunded highschool classrooms throughout Southern California. Sponsored thousands of dollars to ensure financial hurdles don’t become barriers to education for children.

Build On:

raises thousands of dollars for the international nonprofit Buildthat is committed to breaking the cycle of poverty and Illiteracy around the world by building schools in some of the world’s economically poorest countries.


joint venture with international nonprofit Women’s Co-ordinating Council Calcutta, India and raised thousands of dollars to educate the children of local tribals and provided them a means of living through establishing exports of rare tribal arts & crafts to foreign markets.


funded scientific research projects in Yogi Vemana University, which conducted research on harmful effects of prenatal nicotine exposure to educate the public about the dangers of smoking e-cigarettes.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world

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